Special Arenal Kioro Massage: 75 min/$120 + tax 
Personalized massage, made with our volcanic clay, the one that with its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties helps lower muscle tension and eliminates contractures.

Aromatherapy Massage: 60 min/$100 + tax
Essential oils exert the effect on the body, the mind the emotions and the energy. In this way we are fully harmonized and favor our spirituality. When essential oils are absorbed through the skin they reach the blood vessels and through them they are transported to the whole organism. Thus they reach the organs and tissues where they exert their action.

Swedish Massage: 45 min/$60 - 60 min/$80 + tax
It is a massage designed to release tensions and reaffirm muscles and joints. Its toning and relaxing effect favors blood and lymphatic circulation also removes toxins, and helps the body to rediscover its natural balance.over its natural balance.

Pure Honey Delight Massage : 60 min/$90 + tax
Inspired by Cleopatra ritual, an organic mixture of honey and sesame oil, which at the end is removed with natural milk leaving your skin soft and moisturize.

Deep Tissue Massage: 60 min/$100 + tax
Ideal technique to treat chronic muscle problems and muscle strains or tightness, to
release all the accumulated tension on your muscles. Especially for people who have
muscles load by stress situations or exercise.

Couple's Massage: 60 min/$180 + tax
Enjoy a relaxing massage with our exclusive chocolate oil in company of your partner
together in the same room.

Hot Stone Massage: 75 min/$110 + tax
It is a technique that is done with hot stones in motion by all the muscles of the body and by
imposition (fixed stones distributed in different zones, taking into account also the energy meridians and the chakras) which produces physiological and organic reactions with a high level of benefits and pleasant.

Localized Massage

  • Feet, hands and head massage 45 min $50 + tax
  • Back, neck and shoulders massage 30 min $50 + tax
  • Tired legs massage 45 min $50 + tax

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