Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa - La Fortuna, Alajuela, 21007, Costa Rica

Hand & Foot Care

Kid´s Manicure: 30 min/$25
Children under 10 years can also indulge. Bubble manicure includes cuticle and nail, moisturizing and giving either a polish application or a high shine buff.

Kid´s Pedicure: 30 min/$25
Children under 10 years can have the enjoy the pampering of our whirlpool foot spa. Includes cuticle and nail, moisturizing cream and either a polish application or a high shine buff.

Manicure with Paraffin: $45
Pampering is special for you, we make this manicure an art form, offering beauty and health to your hands. The beauty of your hands is part of your personality, your presentation; here, we give you a manicure according to the style you want or for an especific occasion.

Pedicure with Paraffin: $50
A pedicure is for giving health and beauty to this mostly neglected part of our body that stands inclement weather, and supports your weight the entire day. Our feet are an integral part of us and we have to pamper them as much as we can so they can always be healthy and beautiful; this treatment is ideal for hydrating and beautifying dry feet.

The amount of time for pedicure and manicure can vary between forty five minutes or seventy five minutes.

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