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Body Wraps

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Coffee Body Wrap
The rich textures and intense flavors of coffee awakens the senses and makes the treatment a unique and relaxing experience. This works as a natural diuretic and is proven to be an effective cellulite treatment.

60 min / $90

Mud Body Wrap
The hot volcanic mud is applied over the entire body. During this time your skin will benefit from the detoxifying effects of mud while it remineralizes, rejuvenates, softens and relieves tension.

60 min / $90

Grape Body Wrap
Get all the advantages of this wrap, as it has a very high antioxidant effect against free radicals due to the polyphenols that are concentrated in the pulp and seeds. Specially designed to improve the skin´s tone and maintain its elasticity.

60 min / $90

Chocolate Body Wrap
It has been proven that Cocoa induces the production of endorphins in the body. “Natural Happiness Substances " creates a feeling of wellness and also acts on lipolysis fundamental mechanism in the release of fats.

60 min / $90

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