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Community Environment


    Location Description: It is a house with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, four restrooms, has kitchen, living room, cellar, garage for the institution minivan, one cupboard, 2 offices for the administration area and psychology area, playgrounds or recreation (hammocks, slide and play house). Located in Zeta trece, La fortuna.

    Historical Register: The draft constitution Hogarcito San Juan Bosco, was held on Thursday, October 8, 1999. Is founded by the concern to lessen the problems currently faced by some children of our country and offer children at social risk with comprehensive training and an alternative integration into society. Thus, construction is complete and is given the Hogarcito opening.

    Objectives of the center:
    - Provide an unfamiliar protection alternative that guarantees to children at social risk, fundamental rights during the period in which they are deprived of their family environment.
    - Maintain the facilities to make it as pleasant as possible stay in place.
    - Perform activities with the aim of raising funds.

    Population Served:
    Children in conditions of social risk are referred by the various offices of the PANI (Institution responsible for supervising children in Costa Rica) across the country, the Hogarcito has the ability to allow the continuation of 12 children from 0 to 10 years old, and we now have overcrowding 15.

    Major needs
    - Donations of money
    - Donations of clothing, shoes, personal care items such as soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, cream, etc..
    - Donations of school supplies like notebooks, uniforms, writing pens, bags, etc.
    - Donations of material to work as educational games, coloring books, stories, rubber, etc.
    - food.
    - Donations to the physical plant.

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